Fundamentals: A class for beginners and anyone looking to develop a solid understanding of basic jiu jitsu techniques. 40 minutes of drilling followed by 20 minutes of positional sparring.

All levels: A class mainly for intermediate and advanced grapplers but also beginner-friendly. Focused on more innovative techniques. 45 minutes of drilling followed by 30 minutes of intense positional sparring.

Wrestling for jiu jitsu: A class for all levels where we build a solid foundation of take downs and take down defense geared towards sport jiu jitsu. 30 minutes of drilling and 45 minutes of more intense sparring.

Comp class: A more purposeful class for those who want to compete. 45 minutes of fixed drilling both offensive and defensive techniques. 60 minutes of intense sparring followed by 15 minutes of competition simulation. 

Open mat: Open training. Drill and spar as you see fit.