Hey everyone, in our last message we used the word family... We really meant that.
True to those feelings, we decided that were going to freeze all payments on our memberships starting tomorrow March 20, 2020.
This was a really hard decision for us to make, but it’s the right thing to do. We’re all going through tough times and we’re all in this together. We’re looking forward to reopening the gym as soon as possible and seeing all of you again.

In the meantime, we’ll keep the content coming. If you’re able to we’d love your support by purchasing our merchandise.

Thanks, Weiss and Tyrone 

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What is Sucker Free Jiu Jitsu?

We specialize in Jiu Jitsu instruction in a safe and welcoming environment that is open to all. Classes accommodate newbies and experienced students. We are dedicated to sharing the benefits of the Gentle Art. Whether you are looking to compete or just want to improve health and fitness., our objective is to help reach the individual's goal.  

Guide Lines

Hygiene: Make sure nails are trimmed. If you choose to use the rest room or leave the mats, please wear sandles/ shoes.

Dress Code: During gi class you are required to wear a gi. Any kind/ color/ patches, just as long as you have a gi to wear. Same goes for nogi class. Rashguard and grappling shorts. No tank tops, swim shorts or basketball shorts. Change in designated areas.

Training: Train hard but be respectful and caring to training partners.

No coaching: No coaching allowed during any class unless asked to do so. More experienced students are always welcome to help beginners.




Weiss Sakhizada

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt under the legendary JT Torres.

Multiple time IBJJF champion and medalist.

Over five years of teaching experience.  

I come in everyday highly motivated to teach our students. Everyone is ambitious and enthusiastic to learn, making what I do even more enjoyable. I found Jiu-Jitsu during a time in my life where I felt lost, I wasn’t able to make sense of the world and my place in it. Training improved my physical and mental health. The practice was logical, it gave me clarity and structure. I’ve always focused on what l I loved about training and recognized a good number of what I didn’t. We opened Sucker Free with the purpose to avoid those negative elements and provide the community with a premium place to train.



Tyrone Garcia

2018 received rank of Brown Belt from my Professor JT Torres.

8 years of competition experience and multiple time IBJJF Adult medalist

over 4 years teaching experience

You hear it often “jiu-jitsu changed my life”, but this became more than just a phrase for me after discovering the rewarding aspects of spreading the art to others on a daily basis. The challenging regimen of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu influenced all aspects of my life from my diet, health and in developing a mindset focused on progression. What began as a hobby would soon transform into a career path at purple belt when I began coaching Kids and Adults full time. My most proud moment came at the beginning of 2017 when Weiss and I first opened Sucker Free Jiu Jitsu in Amityville, NY. We set a gaol to create a positive training environment where students are allowed to express their own Jiu-Jitsu in a free and creative way. I owe all of my devotion and inspiration to all my students, team members, business partner and Prof. JT Torres .I tend to believe that my passion for coaching kids and adults at the Academy far exceeds my talent as an active competitor which I still love to participate .



Mark Lim

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Brown Belt under Weiss Sakhizada

Active competitor and IBJJF Champion

Three years of teaching experience

“I truly believe jiu jitsu becomes a way of life. It extends into many aspects of your personality in positive ways. Aside from self defense, exercise and camaraderie, jiu jitsu acclimates your mind and body to handling anxiety, over coming adversity, increases patience and improves problem solving. I've seen and experienced how this helps build confidence that is used within relationships, work performance and all around attitude. The amount in which I've grown due to jiu jitsu had amazed me in such a way that I've become extremely passionate about sharing it with others. I take the most pride in teaching and seeing our students grow to new levels of achievement. If there is anything that I'd like to be best known for in my jiu jitsu career, it would be my ability to teach excellently. I'm extremely fortunate and honored to be a part of Sucker Free Jiu Jitsu. The founders and the

environment have a philosophy and vibe like no where else that helps you feel comfortable, safe and encourages you to be yourself. The Academy is very unique and welcoming to everyone of all ages and backgrounds. This is because we truly care about everyone individually and as a family.’’


sucker free Jiu Jitsu schedule




Class is devised to develop a solid base of fundamental techniques and principles. 






Class focuses on innovative techniques, transitions, advanced concepts, reactive attacks and defense. 






Students are free to use the facility and participate in live rolling or drilling of techniques . No instruction. 




Class exclusively consists of the drilling of basic and advanced techniques. 



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