Studio Sucker Free
If you have any additional questions, please feel free to send us an email to answer on an individual basis.


What does a typical class consist of?
There's no group warm-up. At the beginning of class, you can stretch, drink water, drill movements, whatever helps you prepare for jiu jitsu. Then we move into an instructional where a technique is taught and practiced for 30-minutes, followed by positional training for another 30 minutes.

Do you accept new students?
We are only accepting new students on a referral basis. This is to maintain our curated training environment in order to maximize the quality of jiu jitsu and attitudes in our gym. Feel free to email us and discuss joining a class with Weiss.

Do you have a uniform policy?
No basketball shorts, no loose clothing, no tank tops.

How do I sign up for a membership?
You can sign up for a membership on our registration page if you've been approved as a student by Coach Weiss.

Do I have to pay a mat fee?
If you are not a member of Sucker Free, yes, we require a mat fee or day pass.



Are private lessons available?
Yes, we are actively booking private lessons. Please email suckerfreejiujitsu@gmail.com to inquire about appointment times and rates.

When and how do you book seminars?
Seminars can be booked by emailing suckerfreejiujitsu@gmail.com. We have a standard flat rate for every seminar. International travel is an option, except where COVID restrictions are in effect.


What's the schedule?
We keep it posted on the website. If there are any class cancellations, exceptions or holidays, we update our followers on Instagram.

Does the schedule ever change?
Yes, schedule changes do happen sometimes. We will post any upcoming schedule changes on our Instagram stories.


How much is a monthly membership?
$200 flat fee, unlimited classes.

What's the mat fee?
$35 for a drop-in.

What if I need to skip a monthly payment fee?
You can freeze your account for a minimum duration of one month. We understand that things change and you may need to take a break from the gym.